Énestas Energy & Gas can deliver cost-effective LNG directly to your asphalt plant.
If you’re still using diesel, HFOs, or propane for production, you should consider switching to a cleaner fuel.

Due to the abundance of natural gas within the U.S., we can lower your fuel costs and extend the life of your equipment based on reduced particulate matter.

We work with the OEMs of your equipment to make the conversion, set up vaporizers and cryogenic storage, and supply you with Liquefied Natural Gas, the purest form of natural gas.

If you don’t have access to a natural gas pipeline because you’re in a remote area, this is the solution for you.


+ Save up to 30% vs. alternative fuels
+ Save up to 50% on maintenance of equipment and engines


Te ayudamos a la reducción de partículas y a extender la vida útil de tu equipo
Reduce costos y emisiones al utilizar Gas Natural Licuado

Benefits to the environment
+ 75% less carbon monoxide
+ 21% less greenhouse gases vs. diesel
+ 50% less NOx emissions
+ 30% less CO2 emissions

LNG is Premium Natural Gas
+ Purest natural gas: 97% methane
+ Reduces maintenance costs
+ Multiple applications
+ Proven Technology
+ Safer

We offer
+ Advice
+ Quick installation
+ Conversion of equipment
+ Financing

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